Kantvik Shipping

Oy Kantvik Shipping Ltd
Sokeritehtaantie 20
FIN–02460 Kantvik
  Cost-effective and reliable service at the Port of Kantvik

Saving time lowers overall costs
The speed with which we are able to handle both arriving and departing shipments shows in the cost
of our service, which is priced according to the time required to process goods. Competence, effective
machinery and non-stop work all contribute to lower overall prices. Our location outside the crowded
Helsinki metropolitan area also enables us to offer customers quality services at lower prices than our
competitors. The Port of Kantvik provides a cost-effective solution for clients who expect flexible and
reliable service.

Dependable cooperation
Although raw materials used by factories located nearby comprise the majority of the goods we handle,
the Port of Kantvik is happy to serve exporters and importers of single consignments as well.

Take advantage of our roomy facilities and efficient staff
At current, more than 200 ships visit the Port of Kantvik annually, importing and exporting some 850,000
tonnes of various goods in total. Raw materials such as steel, gypsum, raw sugar, rapeseed, cement and coal
are shipped to our clients through Kantvik. Departing vessels are loaded with granulated metals, food oil
as well as various raw materials that are produced in Finland.